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Mid-Summer Book Review

As a grownup, I don’t really have a “summer vacation” any longer. While we are going to take a vacation this summer, I don’t have a lot of illusions that I’m going to read a ton of books while visiting

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Kayak Camping

Pre-Garrett, Dave and I would disappear on 4th of July weekends, preferring to paddle to and camp on an island somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of town. At least a dozen years have passed since we’ve celebrated the

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Throwback Thursday

I had a bit of an emotional meltdown at dinner tonight. There’s this young man who sits across the table from me. He sits tall in his chair. His shoulders seem to broaden with each passing week. He flexes his

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Meeting Mary

Two years ago this month I had a chance to cross something off my Bucket List. I got to meet my favorite author: Mary Doria Russell. I first came to know Ms. Russell’s work through my friend Roxy. Not long

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Book Review

So. Many. Books. Not. Enough. Time. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve got a pile of good books stacking up, and there’s just not enough hours in the day. But I’m not writing to tell you what’s on my

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Cabin Time

Fans of cabin camping in Southeast Alaska observe this one rule: reserve early and often. So it was on a snowy (or maybe rainy) day last January that I reserved Blue Mussel Cabin for the Independence Day holiday. The trailhead

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Book Review

One quarter of 2014 has passed. Time flies when you have good books to read, yet there’s never enough time to read. How does that work? I was initially surprised to see that I read ten books in the last

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Beach craft

We recently made a quick trip to the beach on a sunny but bitter cold afternoon. Our intention was only to go for a quick walk. When we reached the half way point in our loop, we found a wind-sheltered

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Top 10 Reads of 2013

So many books, so little time! That’s how I feel at the end of each year. I track what I read using goodreads, and wasn’t surprised to see that I read less than usual in 2013. Some of that had

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Marten Cabin: A Klein Family Misadventure

This blog post could have so many different subtitles: Marten Cabin: A Case Study in Miscommunication and Poor Planning Marten Cabin: How George H.W. Bush Saved Our Bacon. Six months ago, I reserved Marten Cabin at Eagle Beach State Recreation

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