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On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, 1996, I met Dave in the parking lot of student housing at the University of Alaska Southeast. I had been in Juneau for about ten days, starting a three-month summer internship. He was

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This morning, on the dawn of my 40th birthday, I woke to see my beautiful son standing next to me. With my dear husband laying beside me, I thought, “what more could a woman want in life?” Reality: 4:40 am.

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A Year in the Life of a Wolf (Scout)

This weekend, we watched Garrett remove the gold neckerchief he’s been wearing with his Scout uniform for the last year, cross a bridge lined with torches in the twilight of an April evening, and receive the pale blue neckerchief of

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Eight is GR8T!

Today, 2/19/12, was Garrett’s 8th birthday. Eight! How did that happen? He seems so old, but really he’s still a little boy. But there’s nothing little about him. At this rate, he’ll be as tall as me by the time

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Dream Big: Read

I hope you don’t mind if, on behalf of Dave and I, I blog as a proud parent for a bit. On October 30th, Garrett received a letter in the mail from the Juneau Public Libraries. The opening lines read:

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Life without facebook

I don’t remember when I created my facebook account. I think it was sometime in 2008. I shut it down in September 2011. I once heard that it takes three months of doing something on a regular basis to create

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Takin’ a Swing

We’ve discovered a great rope swing only a short walk from the house. We’ve been in hiking training for our cabin trip coming up and have used the trail near this swing as training grounds for our young hiker. Now

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Danger: New Swimmer

Dah dum. Dah dum. DahdumDahdumDahdum. He’s loose in the water! And after 8 swim lessons, he can swim, on his own, without help. This was not an expected outcome of Pre School Level 1 lessons, so you can imagine his

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Signed and Delivered

Yesterday I surprised Lori with our new truck. She was expecting that Garrett and I would be picking it up on Monday afternoon but I received a call from Honda saying that if we liked we could pick it up

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It’s a first… Garrett got his shirt on by himself! Although he wore the shirt for hours, you’ll notice that it’s on backwards. What does it matter, he was cold, put his shirt on by himself and took credit by

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