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Under the Sea

Garrett has a lot of interests and passions, but one thing he has loved since he was little is the sea. He watches documentaries on deep ocean creatures and goes beach combing every chance he can get. So when he

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Maid Service

On a summer break from college, I worked as a maid. Literally, either my title was “maid” or the cleaning service used the word “maid” in its advertising – I can’t remember. It was a taxing job: equipment to haul

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Warm & Toasty

Select image for larger version Our new pellet stove is in and running. We decided on the Mt. Vernon insert from Quadra-Fire . Previous to our pellet stove was a wood stove insert that was far from efficient. In fact,

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Gettin’ Dirty

All I have to say is someone’s got to do it. As part of our efficiency upgrades to our house we’re having our crawlspace insulated with spray foam insulation. Prior to the spraying I’ve been spending the last few days

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Who let the dogs out?

Another project completed! Under mostly sunny skies, Dave and Garrett put a deck down for the dog pen this past weekend. Garrett cleared the pen of spider webs, helped secure the boards and tested the new pen out by pretending

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Mud Days

        The excavation has begun! In the course of three days, we now have ten times the backyard we used to. And 100 times the mud. We assumed that starting this yard project while the ground was

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A Late Start in the Spring

What’s summer without some new garden photos?. We’ll it’s been a late start with nothing happening earlier in the “dare I say” spring. A few things struggled but didn’t make our late spring, other’s seemed to thrive that didn’t show

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The New Fishing Hole

Over the weekend Lori fashioned Garrett and fishing pole complete with a dry fly (pom pom). Today during my day off I removed a tree from our yard that was getting out of control and replaced it with a stump.

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Lock ’em up

When Lori has enough – this is where they all go! First completed home improvement project of the spring – Dave “enhanced” the dog pen to provide Cedar and Autumn shelter from the rain (and snow) and sun (what’s that?).

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New Addition

No, we’re not pregnant! It’s just this great mirror that has found it’s way “back into our lives”. Let me explain… There was once this great store in Juneau that had many items from around the world to include mirrors,

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