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Cabin Camping 301

Dan Moeller Cabin is located 1600 feet above sea level, in a high valley surrounded by mountain peaks on Douglas Island. This is not your freshman level cabin hike, but it was the only cabin that had weekend availability when

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Takin’ a Swing

We’ve discovered a great rope swing only a short walk from the house. We’ve been in hiking training for our cabin trip coming up and have used the trail near this swing as training grounds for our young hiker. Now

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Memorial Day Week

Sun is a common thing in Southeast Alaska in late spring and early summer. But 11 straight days is unusual, and we have been living in the land of the unusual since the Thursday before Memorial Day. And loving it!

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Who let the dogs out?

Another project completed! Under mostly sunny skies, Dave and Garrett put a deck down for the dog pen this past weekend. Garrett cleared the pen of spider webs, helped secure the boards and tested the new pen out by pretending

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Mud Days

        The excavation has begun! In the course of three days, we now have ten times the backyard we used to. And 100 times the mud. We assumed that starting this yard project while the ground was

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Danger: New Swimmer

Dah dum. Dah dum. DahdumDahdumDahdum. He’s loose in the water! And after 8 swim lessons, he can swim, on his own, without help. This was not an expected outcome of Pre School Level 1 lessons, so you can imagine his

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Big Sky Vacation

Montana 2007…a great trip! Garrett loved hanging out with Grandma and Papa. Every day had a highlight. Some of Garrett’s favorites include playing with the remote control John Deere tractor Papa bought him, riding a steam engine train in historic

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Spring has sprung in Juneau, and we’ve been enjoying a mixture of rain and sun and slowly warming temperatures. Today we celebrated with our friends, as usual. Brunch and an egg hunt, although the egg hunt was inside

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Weekend of Fun, Sun and Snow

It’s rare that we post an unhappy picture of Garrett, but this one is too funny to pass up. He had a bit of a crash while sledding today with his buddy Connor. You’ll be happy to know that once

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Happy Boy

It’s true! Our little boy is three. Garrett was excited to learn this morning that his friends were coming over to be with him for his birthday. He greeted each person with a smile and a question, “Do you have

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