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Cabin Time

Fans of cabin camping in Southeast Alaska observe this one rule: reserve early and often. So it was on a snowy (or maybe rainy) day last January that I reserved Blue Mussel Cabin for the Independence Day holiday. The trailhead

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85 Days, Revisited.

Garrett’s summer vacation started on May 24th at 2:31 pm. 85 days have passed. What a summer it has been. As a family, we made a promise to each other that we would get out and about every weekend, hiking

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85 Days

Summer vacation 2013 is 85 days long. Of course we counted! Garrett was hoping for an even 100, but 85 sounds pretty great to me. I’ve been trying to remember what summer vacation was like when I was his age.

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Scout Camp

Last year, Garrett came back from Scout camp a different kid. Perhaps the differences were those only a mother would notice, but they were there nonetheless. One thing he knew for sure – he couldn’t wait for Scout Camp 2012.

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Backpack Malfunction (an “Adventures with Lyn” blog)

When Lyn and I ran summer conference housing at the University of Alaska Southeast in 1996, we were tasked with planning activities for conference guests. We decided to schedule hikes, and more importantly, take them even if no one showed

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The Face of Summer Vacation

I have been fortunate to have the first 10 days of summer vacation off with Garrett. And what a “stay-cation” it has been! Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy our picture highlights.

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For the Record

This summer, Garrett and I are bound and determined to beat a record. What record? you ask. The Klein Summer Hiking Record. Back in the summer of 2010, we started tracking the amount of miles and elevation we hiked each

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Goats, Garnets & Garrett

Word spreads fast in Juneau about any number of things, and recently word got out that there were mountain goats roaming the lower part of Mounts Bullard and McGinnis. With the sun high and warm in the sky, it was

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Birthday Cabins

In the wee hours of last winter, I decided the Klein’s needed something to look forward to. I jumped online and made reservations for two forest service cabins. That’s right – no airline tickets to Mexico or Hawaii – but

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Cabin Camping 301

Dan Moeller Cabin is located 1600 feet above sea level, in a high valley surrounded by mountain peaks on Douglas Island. This is not your freshman level cabin hike, but it was the only cabin that had weekend availability when

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