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Off the Groom

For the first time this winter season, Garrett and Dave went downhill skiing last Saturday. It was one of those picture perfect days, and the guys returned from the mountain happy and exhausted. Dave: We went into the West Bowl

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What??? It’s still winter!

Taking a vacation in the heart of winter is such a blessing. But returning to the cold, dark, snow is a bit of a shock to the system. Especially when there are still several months of winter left. Note to

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To the beach!

I’ve noted more than once how much we love the beach. A couple of years ago I had a conversation with Garrett that sticks with me still. He was whining and griping about going to the beach, but I made

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Will you? Yes!

In July of 1996, I was living in Juneau for a summer job, soaking up as much Alaskana as I could. Attending the fireworks at 11:59 pm on the 3rd sounded like a grand adventure. My friend, Dave, suggested that

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Takin’ a Swing

We’ve discovered a great rope swing only a short walk from the house. We’ve been in hiking training for our cabin trip coming up and have used the trail near this swing as training grounds for our young hiker. Now

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Today, just minutes after leaving the house for our morning routine, we were visited by bruin buddy. The bear was picked up by our KleinCam Web camera. The bear can be seen in the right side of the photo. Not

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4th of July Parade

A parade is an exciting thing, especially for a three year old. We joined the Chengs this year, and the boys could barely stand the wait. We were about 20 minutes along the parade route, and you can see in

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