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There’s Eggs?

What a lesson…. Dave and Vinnie went fishing tonight and brought home one Silver. Garrett was so excited and wanted to watch every move Daddy made with the fish. He had a ton of questions about how and why Daddy

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Takin’ a Swing

We’ve discovered a great rope swing only a short walk from the house. We’ve been in hiking training for our cabin trip coming up and have used the trail near this swing as training grounds for our young hiker. Now

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Our Singer Song Writer

The last few days we’ve been entertained by our son who has taken up writing his own songs. In this YouTube video Garrett sings the blue about missing Uncle Mike’s JetSki. Mom hasn’t been feeling too good today so Garrett

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Our new pet birds

Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] Our good friends have a window-mounted bird feeder that Garrett’s always enjoyed. I attempted to purchase one

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Danger: New Swimmer

Dah dum. Dah dum. DahdumDahdumDahdum. He’s loose in the water! And after 8 swim lessons, he can swim, on his own, without help. This was not an expected outcome of Pre School Level 1 lessons, so you can imagine his

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Big Sky Vacation

Montana 2007…a great trip! Garrett loved hanging out with Grandma and Papa. Every day had a highlight. Some of Garrett’s favorites include playing with the remote control John Deere tractor Papa bought him, riding a steam engine train in historic

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Mom’s Birthday

April has been full of sunny times! Last week was a beautiful spring week in Juneau. We played outside every night, had dinners at the beach and lounged in the sun for two hours last Sunday. April 24 was my

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Happy Boy

It’s true! Our little boy is three. Garrett was excited to learn this morning that his friends were coming over to be with him for his birthday. He greeted each person with a smile and a question, “Do you have

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On Ice

Right before Christmas, we took Garrett ice skating for the first time. He cried like mad…whenever we took him off the ice. He just loved it, and within a half dozen visits, he was skating circles around Dave! Soon it

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Yultide Weekend

What a fun weekend we had last weekend – traveling to Skagway by fast ferry for their Yuletide Festival. We heard about this from some friends who were hoping to attend with us, but were unable to make it. The

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