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Dan Moller Cabin Trip Map

Below is a map of our recent hiking trip to Dan Moller Cabin. This was Garrett's first longer hike (3 miles) with elevation, 1,600 vertical feet in fact. There was more snow than we expected. This trail is heavily used and it shows. Many sections of boarded trail showed failure along with a few small bridges (see legend below). The cabin itself was in pretty good condition, although could use a couple of new plexy windows due to holes in them. Many leakes are also evident between boards that could easily be repaired with spray foam and save on the heating costs (LP).

I mapped out the trail with my Garmin for Trail Mix of Juneau so as to share the condition of the trail and the approx. location of trail/bridges that might need repair. Attached is an Excel file (20KB) and GoogleEarth KML file (32KB) with this data as well.

Please wait while our GPS fixes to satellites...